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’ ‘ Melodifestivalen: French top favourite, Samir gets warning

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Saturday all eyes are focused on the final of Melodifestivalen Sweden where ‘ ‘ takes place. After six weeks, do we know who the successor is for Måns Zelmerlöw.

Everything seems cut and dried for the 17-year-old French. He advanced from the fourth round for the final directly with If I Were Sorry. Saturday is he and markings in various charts according to the bookmakers favourites to win. Wiktoria and Robin Bengtsson would complete the top 3, but in no event may threaten French seem to.

Although French did not immediately a bell ringing at the fans, the young lad already two number-one hits scored in Sweden. He gained fame when he at the age of 7 with soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimović the voetbalanthem who’s Da Man sang. Two years later, he was again at the top of the charts with Fotbollsfest.

French seems so well on the way to Måns Zelmerlöw on to follow and that goes not only for the Swedish preliminary round. Meanwhile Sweden in front with the bookmakers to win the Eurovision song contest again, followed by Russia and Australia. Poland stood a week ago still on number 1, but that had everything to do with top favourite Margaret that her fellow countrymen could not convince on bizarre way.

Meanwhile, another participant, Samir, also worked in the Viewer. He has received an official warning from the Swedish broadcaster SVT. Together with Viktor he set last Saturday via the second chance round for the final. During the men’s Bada Nakna do their t-shirt, but when S’d the logo of the manufacturer on his underpants to have come into focus. He would under no circumstances can repeat that Saturday.

There is also more news bekendgeraakt on the interval Act of Saturday. It is a superintervalact in which fifteen years hits from Melodifestivalen . This is the line up:

  • DJ Méndez – Adrenaline (2002)
  • Mariette – Don’t stop believing (2015)
  • Timoteij – Come (2010)
  • Brandsta City Släckers – Come o ta mig (2002)
  • Linus Mlindeli – Bröder (2014)
  • Sarah Dawn Finer – Moving on (2009)
  • Magnus Carlsson – Live forever (2007)
  • Caroline af Ugglas- Snälla, snälla (2009)
  • Andreas Johnson – Sing for me (2006)
  • Nanne Grönvall – Håll to mig (2005)
  • Anton Ewald – Begging (2013)
  • Kikki & Badekar – Vem e the du vill ha (2002)
  • BWO- Lay your love on me (2008)
  • Charlotte Perrelli- Hero (2008)
  • After Dark – La dolce vita (2004)