Maja Keuc pulls out for round

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Maja Keuc will not rejoin the Slovenian for round EMA. That made the broadcaster RTVSLO today announced in a press release.

Many fans looked forward to the new participation of Maja Keuc, which under her new stage name Amaya to the starting blocks. The singer represented her country Slovenia six years ago on the Eurovision song contest in Düsseldorf, and was thirteenth in the final with No One. That is until now the third best result ever on the ESF for the former Yugoslav country, which since 1993 as an independent State.

Amaya and her entourage have the career plans substantially amended: the singer will focus on the music market of South Korea. They recently signed a contract with Cow Pow Studios, a Swedish record label based in Stockholm, and also lives in Sweden for some time. A new attempt in a Eurovision heat not currently fit in the career picture, and so is there apart from participation.


Keuc aka Amaya does not exclude that they will ever take part in EEA, but for 2017 it will not. In a reaction she says: ‘ currently, my life dedicated to something else, and I find that I must follow. I wish all other participants much success, and I believe that it is a great EMA will be! ‘

The Organization of the Slovenian for round is looking for a vervangact. There will still be sixteen kanddiaten participate in the national final, which next week is finished on 17, 18 and February 24, with two semi-finals and a final.