Mayor Kiev: ‘ corruption in search for host city ‘

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Former boxing champion and Mayor of the Ukrainian capital Kiev Vitali Klitschko suspects the organization that the host city for the Eurovision song contest by 2017 selects of corruption. That he writes in his personal blog on the internet. Happen according to the man seedy affaires ‘ under table ‘ and there is no transparency in the selection process.

In his blog writes Mayor Vitali Klitschko that he himself does not know why the publication once again postponed. ‘ I get the impression that they gradually goes on behind the scenes every effort so that Kiev will not be ultimately the host city and therefore the selection. How can a country or city to be successful now and take the necessary preparations for such a major cultural event like the decisions ‘ under the mat ‘ and ‘ under the table ‘ ? I do not know myself more based on what conditions they are going to choose the city and that while Kiev in all areas. That raises questions on anyway? The selection process is silent and there is no single plane transparency ‘, says the former world boxing champion.

Vision loss

Klitschko wants the Organization insight gives all those involved in the complete files of the host cities. ‘ They would have to disclose the list of selection criteria and our access to all correspondence which already been there. In the end, it’s a simple thing, why make it so hard? Our country is suffering from vision loss. We got the victory thanks to the talent and the sincerity of Jamala, but everything seems to be nullified. No contest, the reputation of our country on the game! ‘, he writes evil.

Save Furniture

It is of course the EBU not unaware that there is a lot of fuss around the selection of the host city. To save the furniture and the delay to ‘ justify ‘ placed the organization behind the Eurovision a video on Youtube in which executive supervisor Jon Ola Sand the why the choice of the city such a difficult and important process. Details on the situation in Ukraine (or possible problems) he gives not.