Ukrainian broadcaster launches new contest, this time to slogan and theme song festival 2017 to find

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NTU, the national radio and television of Ukraine, launches again a contest around the Organization of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Graphic agencies in Ukraine may submit a proposal for the whole branding around the Eurovision song contest in Kiev. It is mainly about the logo, theme and the slogan for 2017. The last game that NTU organized, to be a guest to find city, was anything but smooth.

Last year the contest turned completely around ‘ Come Together ‘, the slogan and theme of the Edition in Stockholm, Sweden. Decisions and tender around the branding invariably happened behind closed doors. Now throws NTU open the entire selection. Graphic agencies have until november 4, the time to transfer their creative proposal to NTU. ‘ Ordinary people ‘ which is a nice idea, may also participate. They must work together with such a graphic company.

‘ Hear Our Voices ‘

For the slogan, the broadcaster of Ukraine already own a proposal ready. For the time being, we have to make do with the corny ‘ Hear Our Voices ‘. NTU will for 2017 a positive design with a clear reference to Ukraine. In november the decision on branding , info about the publication is not there.

It’s pretty remarkable that NTU again part of the organisation ‘ surrenders ‘ via a contest. They did that even though to a host city, but that contest plentiful. Decisions were postponed, the communication was very clumsy and some say there was corruption in the game.