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‘Barbara Dex Award 2018’: the first contenders!

After the victory of Montenegro’s Slavko last year, we will soon again open the voting for the (in)famous Barbara Dex Award, where we look for the worst dressed artist of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Let’s take a look at some possible contenders from the first semi final. The voting window will open after the grand final on Saturday.

1.  Netta from Israel

Verka Serduchka won the award in 2007, which means that popular entries too can win it as well. Netta could follow in those footsteps. Literally: did you see those shoes?! The dress isn’t really the most stylish one either…

2. Ari from Iceland

The song wasn’t the most modern one either, but the outfit Ari worn too appeared to have been hanging in a closet for several years. The white suit with the red lines which somehow resembled a metro line map, should have been worn by a much older singer. The backing vocalists and their outfits as well threw us straight back to the 1990s.

3. Sennek from Belgium

The reactions on Sennek’s creation were very mixed to say the least – not everyone understood why exactly this dress by renowned Belgian-Portuguese designer Veronique Branquinho was chosen to wear during the performance in Lisbon. Sennek herself has stated several times that she does feel very comfortable in the see-through dress and the black trousers, which after all is what matters the most, right?

4. Eye Cue from FYR Macedonia

Possibly one of the biggest contenders: the singers of Eye Cue wore such weird and non-flattering outfits that it is very likely that they were the topic of discussion in living rooms around Europe, rather than the actual song. The pink cape the female singer wears in the beginning was bad enough, but what followed then was even worse. Has this stylist been fired already?

5. Alekseev from Belarus

The black trousers and white blouse are not that awful at first sight – but then you reach the end of the performance. An open back with a fake tattoo full of roses? No. That’s now how you stand on a Eurovision stage. Because let’s face it: the roses more look like a bloody scene which you wouldn’t want to see on your worst enemy.

Voting Barbara Dex Award 2018

Last year, Slavko's hair braid helped him to win our Barbara Dex Award, handed out by Who will join…

Geplaatst door Barbara Dex Award op vrijdag 27 april 2018

Voting in this year’s Barbara Dex Award opens this Sunday, May 13th, after the grand final. Since last year, the award is handed out by The award was named after the Belgian Eurovision representative in 1993, who worn a self-designed dress which has become very famous since – but not because of the beauty of it…