Away with the ‘ PED ‘! (3): 1961 Cannes, the quarrels and gays

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Maybe you’re after the last song festival, and the thought that we are completely dedicated itself a year have to wait for the next edition, also plagued by the so-called Post Eurovision Depression, or PED. To do something we strikten the Dutchman Dave Baker to guide us this week through the big Eurovision book, which he wrote as co-author and last year issued. You can find the info and TidBITS like? Then we have good news, because this weekend we raffle off two copies of the book on our facebook page. Today part three of five.


‘ Fifty years the Eurovision Song by Greetje Kauffeld in the closet. At the time the layer not may be larger, says music House friend Jan Menu over his plan to include a CD with Dutch-language songs. On one condition: that what a day, the song that represented our country in 1961, Greetje also. ‘ The story of Greetje Kauffeld describes a forgotten Eurovision entry and gives detail where the differences and similarities between the Song festival of 1961 and the Eurovision Song Contest by now. ‘ Gossip is there at that time for sure. In circles of Dutch composers and lyricists is a lot of dissatisfaction with the way in which the Eurovision Song Contest in Hilversum 1961. ‘

Hostility in the tent

At the time of the Eurovision Song Contest is there with time and the late best what caused resentment within the Dutch delegation. Noortje Kandt, who for years called me as head of delegation for the Dutch club, set in the book that there is a pattern. ‘ After five days you get hassle. At one point I was prepared. ‘ Most striking is the misconduct of singer Gordon (the top ones) in Moscow. In many international participant does he get the blood under the nails. ‘ Al at Eurovision In Concert is a growing irritation at [for example] the Danish singer. During the day program there are three buses by the Hague with a bunch of Eurovision participants. And although each participant comes to promote his own number, one hears all day Shine-shine-shineee. ‘


Champions League for gays

Straight people watching football matches. The Eurovision Song Contest? That’s Champions League for gays. It is a common pronunciation. Is the Eurovision actually hijacked by gay men? And, if so, why is that? Peter Dijkstra, researcher at the University of Groningen, Netherlands and Belgium shall not: ‘ live strong In the image that the Eurovision Song Contest only a party for gays. In Germany I wondered is watched closely because it’s just the image exists that the Eurovision Song Contest for entertainment of the elderly serves. My brother is a time, from the European Commission, with a young company travelled to Slovenia . With its Slovenian supervisor spoke to my brother about it Song festival and said it is especially in Netherlands dismissed as a gay party. Which Slovenian guy hit style back and kukelde running out of his chair. ‘

Tomorrow part four of five.