Away with the ‘ PED ‘! (5): the points count & 60 year’s Eurovision song contest

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Maybe you’re after the last song festival, and the thought that we are completely dedicated itself a year have to wait for the next edition, also plagued by the so-called Post Eurovision Depression, or PED. To do something we strikten the Dutchman Dave Baker to guide us this week through the big Eurovision book, which he wrote as co-author and last year issued. You can find the info and TidBITS like? Then we have good news, because this weekend we raffle off two copies of the book on our facebook page. Today part five of five.

The blistering scoring

In 1969 there was doing between Netherlands and Belgium on scoring. While Spain got three points, no strings attached by the Belgians, they rewarded the Brabant Lenny Kuhr with only one frugal tip. Partly because of this is 1969 entered the history as the year with four winners. ‘ Louis Neefs, the Belgian participant in that year, and I went very well with each other. We just talked with each other. But all those people around it. .. The arranger, the producers, people from the record company who were scared to death that I would win. They thought that Louis would win. Out of concern for him, they would have given me a lean tip, ‘ looks the Dutch participant Lenny Kuhr.


From the overview of sixty years Eurovision

  • Netherlands has to a large extent the second Eurovision victory of 1959 due to Italy. That country, which is the ninth of a total of eleven countries had to give his points, put the scoreboard upside down. After eight of the 11 countries had given their points, Netherlands stood on a shared fourth place with 10 points. The United Kingdom led with 14 points. Nothing seemed in a British victory. But Italy gave up 7 points to Italy Netherlands, allegedly because a ‘ other country ‘ not granted the win …
  • Despite that, Netherlands in 2002 not played it while in the spotlight by being to offer it as host country. It seemed at first that the Estonian broadcasting financing is not around. In the end the Netherlands helped hand’s not necessary. The Estonian Government found it so important to the world’s largest music competition once within its borders, that they accounted for the entire funding. Auxiliaries for the production, were flown in from Sweden and Finland.

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