Stockholm 2016


4th rehearsal day: the full schedule

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On this fourth rehearsal day we see for the first time the afgewerke stage acts include Laura Tesoro.

Within five days, the first broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 on antenna. That is invariably preceded by a thick week rehearsals, which today the fourth day takes place. Today it is the turn of the eight countries from the second half of the second semifinal. After the loss of Romania take there only eighteen instead of nineteen countries share in this semi.

All candidates have a rehearsal of half an hour, followed by a meet & greet with the press by twenty minutes. Between Ukraine & Norway is a break. The schedule for today:

LandRepetitieMeet & Greet
Slovenië10.00 uur - 10.30 uur12.10 uur - 12.30 uur
Bulgarije10.40 uur - 11.10 uur12.50 uur - 13.10 uur
Denemarken11.20 uur - 11.50 uur13.30 uur - 13.50 uur
Oekraïne12.00 uur - 12.30 uur14.10 uur - 14.30 uur
Noorwegen13.40 uur - 14.10 uur15.50 uur - 16.10 uur
Georgië14.20 uur - 14.50 uur16.30 uur - 16.50 uur
Albanië15.00 uur - 15.30 uur17.10 uur - 17.30 uur
België15.40 uur - 16.10 uur17.50 uur - 18.10 uur

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(photo: Andres Putting/EBU)