Stockholm 2016


Delegations will meet in Stockholm: all news

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An important day has come in Eurovision country. 43 the delegation heads meet each other today in the city where it all is going to happen in two months. During that meeting were also the preliminary dates for Eurovision 2017.

The leaders of the 43 participating countries gather today in the Swedish capital Stockholm where they officially come their song to the EBU. All countries would need to have their song so proposed, though it’s still wait on Bulgaria and Malta. For Belgium is Maarten Verhaeghen of the party. All information about the 43 candidates and their songs you can find here .

Until Tuesday, they continue in Stockholm to also to be informed of the latest updates about the Eurovision song contest. Of course you hear them here first. This is what the us has already learned a meeting:

  • The 43 heads of delegation have officially handed over their entries to the EBU. It comes to the artists, songs, composers and text writers, but also to the official video clips and plans for the live performance in the Globen Arena.
  • The shooting of the postcard movies are fully engaged. After last year’s movies in host country Austria to have had, the artists followed in their own countries this year, each time on a few different locations. Various artists have all had recordings, their fragments shared via social media. On the Belgian and Dutch movies is still unknown, but include the candidates from Ireland, Croatia, Italy and Latvia were all visited by a Swedish film crew.
  • Today was arbitrarily the start position of the host country. The start order for the fourth time this year is determined by the producers, but to avoid partiality, the place of the host country still drawn. French 9th as will occur with his song If I Were Sorry. On the Photo you see Jon Ola Sand, among others, the ‘ boss ‘ of the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • There are some nice figures across the stage released: that is 24 metres wide and 16 metres long, the LED floor is 230 square metres in size, the LED wall measuring 37 on 10 meters. Designing the stage took no less than ten months, and 15 days are both the stage as the green room in the Hall.
  • Next year is the Eurovisiesongfstival held on 16, 18 and 20 may 2017. These dates were determined because they are not clashen with major sporting events. The next year, however, the host broadcaster is free to change the data if necessary.