Disqualifications on til in Scandinavia?

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It states that we previously expected in countries like Ukraine in Belarus, but this year is nothing short of true. It seems that in both Denmark Norway as a song from the national final will be put.


At the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix , there is much to do around the number of singer Freddy Kalas, aka Fredrik Auke. His self-penned song Happy Rush in the race would seem too bright on one of his earlier songs, which he had released in 2011 under a different stage name. The broadcaster NRK has already intervened and provided for a solution. Instead of the singer from the contest, was asked to rewritethe refrain. The song has also been renamed to Feel the Rush. Or the stocking is finished, it is not yet fully confirmed.

Judgement here itself or the similarities between both numbers effective or not.


Also in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix , there is a hair in the butter. Singer Anja Nissen would normally participate in the preliminary round with the song Never Alone, written by ex-winner Gunnar Forest. Now it turns out that the Forest Never Alone already has brought eleven times during performances, also before 1 september 2015. That is the deadline that the EBU proposes for which songs for the upcoming Eurovision song contest not publicly may be published as single.

The rules of the contest are, however, somewhat vague: in this case is the song that never before commercially issued, but it is already charged for an audience, making it no longer new. It is now up to the bosses of the Danish qualifying round to decide the fate of Anja niches and Never Alone.

The Danish for round came earlier in the boulevard press of the country, because for the second year in a row the participating songs were leaked early via Spotify.

Update: Danish broadcaster DR has now contacted the EBU. If Anja Niches the Danish final WINS, makes the EBU there is no problem as the song takes part in the Eurovision song contest. It would not disrupt the game or distort competition.