Lithuanian selection has 28 finalists

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All candidates are known to participate in the national tour of Lithuania. There is good news for Donny Montell, because he is with his entry on the short list.

The first episode of Eurovizijos atranka 2016 is scheduled for January 9. It is not yet known when the final broadcast will be eventually, but presumably know the winner on 27 February. The concept of the Lithuanian for round is quite complicated. There are artists who participate without song, others have already have one ready. There are eight shows on the schedule.

The 28 finalists:

4 Roses
Alice Way
Baiba Skurstene-Serdiuke
Berta Timinskaite
Deividas Zygas
Gabriele Grigolaityte-Vasha
Ieva Zasimauskaite
Milda Martinkenaite
Neringa Siaudikyte
Saulene Chlevickaite
Donatas Montvydas
Istvan Kvik
Ruslanas Kirilkinas
Vlad Kalugin
Behind the Moon
Egle Jakstyte
Elena Jurgaityte
Erica Jennings
Jurgis Bruzga
Ruta Sciogolevaite
Ugne Smile
Valdas Lacko
Aiste Pilvelyte

Erica Jennings and Donatas Montvydas names are already registered for the contest. Erica in 2001, Donatas in 2012. Under his stage name when he sang Donny Montell blindfolded Love Is Blind. The singer had announced in advance that he had done a song for the Eurovision Song Contest again. That number is I’ve Been Waiting For This Night.