Nicky Byrne: ‘ Even U2 song festival can not win ‘

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The singer looked on the Irish radio back on are not as successful participation in the Eurovision song contest in Stockholm. He does not regret his participation.

Nicky was by presenter Ray D’Arcy interviewed in his radio show on Radio 1. “I really had the feeling that I could bring Sunlight Ireland back to where it belongs in the Eurovision song contest. I love the song festival and will remain so, ‘ says the Irishman.

According to an Irish radio listener would Byrne there better make sure that comes to Westlife back together next year with the whole group to take part in the song contest, but the singer of his own: “I have to admit that I doubted to solo, and so without group, taking part. Westlife would get more attention , but in the end … now can we still refer to U2 , that doesn’t make any difference anymore. Even they would not win. Ireland has no ‘ magic recipe more ‘, is his reply.

Nicky Byrne now fears that after its flop no known Irish artist quickly will want to participate in the Eurovision song contest for Ireland: ‘ I Had scored, then had more artists dare car ‘, it sounds. According to Nicky are they in Ireland and in the United Kingdom to cynical if it on ‘t song festival.