Stockholm 2016


Russia, Australia and Ukraine win ‘ Marcel Bezençon Award ‘

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Annual Marcel Bezençon Awards were presented during the final weekend of the Eurovision song contest. Australia, Russia and Ukraine were also in this vote the Favorites.

The Marcel Bezençon Awards were first presented during the Eurovision song contest 2002. They were created by the Swede Christer Björkman and are named after Marcel Bezençon has figured out that the Eurovision song contest. The top three of this edition-Russia-Ukraine, Australia and each went with a price.

Sergey Lazarev won the Press Award, a prize that is awarded by the votes of all accredited members of the press. The Composer Award went to Anthony Egiziiand David Musumeci , the composers of the Australian song Sound of Silence by Dami Im. Composers of the participating countries rated the Australian submission as the most original and best composition.

Finally, if Jamala from Ukraine also got a prize. They won the Artist Award, a prize for the best artist voted by its commentators.