Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


3rd: (FYR) Macedonia, Lithuania rehearsal day, Australia

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(FYR) Macedonia


Kaliopi start bathed in a blue light, as the issue extends the colors change from blue to yellow and orange with flames in the background. With the exception of the change of hues, nothing much happens on the stage, but that has this number. Kaliopi is there as a home and plays the camera perfectly, it is clear that she knows how the camera and, with it, the public can play.



In contrast to the act where Donny during Love is Blind with it on stage, it seems just or about this act is not considered. Donny goes both vocal as not in full danstechnisch whereby the act actually seems no act. The only stage action are again the different light shades that across the stage dancing.

Australia DonnyMontell


Dami Im is sort of like a mermaid on a verhoogje, after which she sits down. Only after the bridge is to see them on the floor, on which lines are projected to symbolize that fiber of internet traffic. There are nice Visual gimmicks making them things and images on a computer screen seems to swipe. She wears a kind of futuristic white wedding dress decorated with diamonds, in which her left shoulder is exposed.


Copyright photos: Thomas Hanses/EBU