Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


4th: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Denmark rehearsal day

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On this fourth rehearsal day we get the last individual rehearsals from the semifinalists. For our Laura Tesoro last of all, first the other countries from the second half of the second semifinal.

Slovenia ManuElla

The Slovenian M has its musicians from the national qualifying round deleted and now stands alone on stage, that especially red tones. During the chorus are there many pairs of eyes in the background projected. The singer is wearing a white robe with a clearly visible bosom, that not too flattering. Towards the end, there suddenly appears a dancer on the stage that some buttons turns to a big stick. There are still a lot of extra rehearsals necessary behind closed doors to the vocal performance.


Bulgaria PoliGenova

For the second time Bulgaria is represented by Poli Genova. During the first rehearsal she comes across as the love child of Kate Ryan, with the notable leg movements, and Trijntje Oosterhuis, with the backing singers that towards the end, walked on stage. Poli also began rather nervous and with trembling voice, but improved himself vocally towards the end. In the bridge begins Polyclinic remarkable, spacy outfit light. Poli Genova makes her role so far not true, and suddenly it’s a lot more likely that she is the second candidate who twice in the semifinals will get stuck, after Valentina Monetta. At the second performance trending upward Poli lot, with less disturbing leg movements and more convincing playing with the cameras.


Denmark LighthouseX

The first rehearsal of the Lighthouse X men’s group is plagued by technical problems. It’s not until the third attempt they bring their eponymous successor of Liliane Saint-Pierres successful Soldiers of Love until the end. It is a typical boy band, with neatly afgeborstelde young men, but vocal abilities that to be desired. Towards the end the trio walk to the small side plate stage to sing the last notes. This is a dime on its side for a final place. Fact: the X in the group name is pronounced as At, because it’s not about the letter of the alphabet, but the Roman numeral for ten.


Copyright photos: Andres Putting/EBU