Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


The first rehearsals of the big five: France and Spain

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After all countries from the first semifinal for a second time on the floor to have had, for the first time the two countries may still tonight Globenpodium mount. France and Spain, two countries of the big 5, rehearsing today for the first time.


Amir stands alone on stage and as with many other countries this year everything is shrouded in blue. All throughout the song remains predominantly blue, occasionally flying past planets or changes the background in a starry sky. There is unfortunately not much more to say about this first rehearsal: the singing was substandard and the whole is very boring. At this time he makes his role as race favourite not yet true, wait and see if he and his team can learn from this rehearsal and can still fulfill that role.



Barei start in a black room and is illuminated by a light beam, if there appears some more light we see that they are flanked by four backing singers. In contrast to the backings of Laura Tesoro dancing these backings not really. If the scheduled fall in the song is over, you’ll see more color in the whole. Triangular structures illuminate the led screens and give the whole spirit. Vocal about still not good and that depends on the backings that substandard performance. As with the role of France is not yet fulfilled.


(Photos and videos: EBU)