Top 250 2020

TOP 250 2020

Vote now for the ESC Top 250

What a strange year 2020 was for all of us. Everyone is ready for some good news and that’s coming today! You can now list and submit your ten favourite songs from the Eurovision Song Contest, from today November 9th, 12:00 CET until December 6th, 23:59 CET. The full ESC Top 250 will be broadcast December 31st on ESC Radio.

For the fourth year, we at have the opportunity to organise this beautiful event. Last year we’ve gotten a record number of votes and of course we want to break that again this year. That is why this year there are four weeks in which you can vote for your ten favourite songs. You can find the link to vote at the bottom of this article, but before you do so, there are a few important points that we would like to share with you.

How does the voting work?

First of all you have to register with a valid email account to get you into the system. Once in, you can vote by using the various search functions. You can search freely in the system and once you have found your favourite song, click ‘Confirm’, and the number will automatically appear in the next free slot in your top ten at the top of the screen. If you accidentally put the numbers in the wrong order, don’t panic! You can change places afterwards by selecting the title of the song and dragging it to the correct place. Only when you are really satisfied with your personal list you click send. What’s even more fun is to share your list with everyone. Post it via social media, don’t forget to tag us (@Songfestival_be) and use the hashtag #ESC250.

You can only vote once

Make sure that you are confident with the songs you have chosen. Once you submit your list, there is no possibility to change anything or to vote again!

2020 songs included

We have already mentioned it in our previous articles, but we would like to emphasise that you can also vote for the songs that should have taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2020.

Solid number one

In the eleven editions of ESC Top 250, Loreen was on top of the list no less than eight times. That means that she has been your number one every year since her victory in 2012. Will you give her a ninth victory or will you choose someone else this year? You decide, so think carefully about those ten numbers that you vote in the list. We notice that the votes are getting closer and closer every year, so anything is possible!

Celebrate the ESC Top 250 together with us

For many of us, December 31st will be different from previous years and we may be forced to stay at home. Don’t worry, we will be with you from 11:00 CET in the morning until (approximately) 23:30 CET with the ESC Top 250. Have a chat with us on Twitter with the hashtag #ESC250 and reminisce about all the songs that pass by. This way we all come together and we close this quite special year with what makes us all happy: music from 64 years of the Eurovision Song Contest.