Top 250 2023

TOP 250 2023

The 2023 Edition of the ‘ESC Top 250’: Start voting now!

You can now cast your votes for the Eurovision Top 250 of 2023! It’s once again time to compile your ultimate top ten from the rich history of the Eurovision Song Contest. From today, November 13, at 12:00, until December 10 at 12:00 CET, you can submit your favourite Eurovision songs. This year, the complete ESC Top 250 will be broadcast on December 31 by our French friends at EFR12 Radio.

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How does the voting work?

To vote, you must log in to our website with a valid account. You can select your entries by using various search functions. You are free to search the system, and once you’ve found your favourite song, click on “Confirm” and the song will automatically be placed in the next available slot in your top ten at the top of the screen.

Don’t panic if, by chance, you’ve placed the songs in the wrong order! You can rearrange them later by clicking on the song title and dragging it to the correct position.

Only one vote per person

Make sure you’re certain about the ten songs you’ve chosen because after submitting, you can’t make any changes or vote again. As organizers, we check incoming votes for irregularities and intervene when necessary.

Broadcast on December 31

To discover the complete ESC Top 250, you must tune in to EFR12 Radio on December 31st. This year, the one and only Eurovision Song Contest chart will be featured on this online radio station. As a Belgian website, it is a great honour to collaborate with a radio station from our neighbouring country, France.

Chanel or Loreen again?

The ESC Top 250 of 2022 ended with an exciting plot twist. For the first time since 2012, the list had a new number one. Not Loreen but Chanel claimed the top spot. We’re already excited anticipating the battle for the coveted number one spot for 2023!

The intensity of this battle will be determined by you. So, think carefully about the ten songs you place on your list. We’ve noticed that the votes get closer and closer each year, so anything is possible!

Four weeks to vote

For the seventh time, we, the Belgian website, are organising this unique poll. Every time, we receive a record number of votes, and we naturally aim to break that record again this year. Just like last year, you have four weeks to vote for your favourite songs.

You can access our voting page through this link.