Belgian contribution in entry San Marino

* Automatically translated *

The Sammarinese broadcaster RTV has the team disclosed behind their artist Serhat. The team is also very international, our country has a input.

Serhat was last month by the San Marinezen announced as songfestivalkandidaat. Songfestival.be had an exclusive interview with the Turkish singer in the Brussels studio Piste Rouge where he had recorded the song for Stockholm. The Turk Ahmet Tugsuz Ma is responsible for the music, but the package was provided by a Frenchman, Cyril Orcel, who was active mainly in Belgium and the United States within the classical genre. The Belgian-African musician Guy Waku will also further the song.

The text of the Sanmarinese song was written by the Greek Nektarios Tyrakis, who had already done the same for Sakis Rouvas ‘ Shake It from 2004 and Love Me Tonight by Angelica Agurbash, Belarusian candidate with the very special English from 2005.

There will be next to the English version of the song also a Italian and French version. Further, there is also a German contribution, namely Serhats record company.

One thing is clear: San Marino adopted the slogan of the Eurovision song contest – Come Together – severe. The long-awaited song is broadcast at the beginning of March.