Fans want zombies in Belarusian final

* Automatically translated *

Tuesday were the Ten finalists for the White-Russian final, but Sweet Brains ‘-by far the most notable entry-didn’t make it. That lures a lot of reactions from when disappointed fans.

Belarusian broadcaster had good intentions: would finally get the public also participate in the selection procedure. Only Ten finalists were determined exclusively by a jury after several audition rounds. Ex-participants Koldun (2007), Alyona Lanskaya (2013) and TEO (2014) Tuesday made their choice known.

Sweet Brains with the extremely quirky Dance Like Zombies could not delight the jury, much to the dismay of the fans. A petition was started and also on twitter one is disappointed. Many fans think that Belarus can score with this submission that Lordi and DJ Bobo . Last year also brought out the gang the finals.

Judgement especially itself.