Kazakh Khabar TV ’ ‘ transmitter is associated member of the EBU

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The Kazakh Khabar TV channel ‘ State ‘ as from 1 January 2016 will officially be an associate member of the EBU, tv channel on its own website.

Kazakhstan is a country in Central Asia, of which a small part of the territory on European soil. A membership of the EBU may mean that we may in the future the country will get to see in one or more EBU events, of which the Eurovision Song Contest is also part. For the time being, the transmitter only a associate member, this reports the EBU in the following tweet:

The Kazakh State channel is so an associate member of the EBU and a possible participation in the Eurovision song contest is so pretty unlikely. The status of an associate member of the EBU did not stop the Australian broadcaster SBS , however, not to take part in the Eurovision song contest.

Kazakhstan won the Türkvizyonsongfestivalin 2014, the Eurovision variant for countries and regions with a Turkish or majority. The Kazakh Zhanar Dugalova superstar could drag on hold when the victory with her hypnotic Izin Garynumber, which, inter alia, dubstep elements mixed with traditional Kazakh music. Can we ever expect a similar contribution by Kazakhstan on the Eurovision song contest?