Hot new album Tom Dice ‘ I’ve Come A Long Way ‘?

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Our Eurovision pride Tom Dice coming in February to come up with his long-awaited new cd. He claims to have chosen a more mature sound.

There’s more known about the release date of Tom’s new album, which in all probability the name I’ve Come A long Way . There is a first try-out of the new songs on Thursday 4 February at 20 h 30 in the pilot of concert hall Organizer The Canute. Tickets are already on sale. The real release will so not be long in coming.

For his third album, he worked with many acclaimed musicians, including with topper Andy Burrows (Razorlight, Burrows & Smith …). Burrows also took the production of Tom’s new album in itself. Tom’s new songs sound much more mature than the pop songs that he used to be. He opts for influences of Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice and John Mayer. Tom goes on the Lighthouse song in duet with Charlotte J.

Charlotte Jacobs will join me on a track called #lighthouse ! She IIZZ sooo good ! #soexcited #diceisback

Geplaatst door Tom Dice op woensdag 14 oktober 2015

We wrote last summer all that the lead singer of Me and My Guitar was recording songs for a new album. Tom pulled even to London and posted updates on his progress on social media. The title of his new album refers to the Sabbath year of the man. Dice lived a long period out of the limelight because he wanted to take time to reflect on his career.