The Common Linnets occur in German national final

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On Thursday February 25, the final place of the German national final for the upcoming Eurovision song contest. One of the names on the list of guest artists sounds familiar.

The final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 – Unser Lied für Stockholm is from Cologne live broadcast on Das Erste. In addition to the ten participating songs, there is also room for pause acts. And which are provided by the Dutch group The Common Linnets. Represented two years ago Ilse Delange and Waylon Netherlands with Calm After the Storm, and in the final in Copenhagen they had to only winner Conchita Wurst. Netherlands received eight times the top score of 12 points, and the song became a hit in many European countries.

Germany is so. With a change of composition, Waylon departed and was replaced by JB Meijers, Jake Etheridge and Matthew Crosby, the group known in Netherlands and at the eastern neighbours. On 25 February Act The Common Linnets as guest artists in the preliminary round. (Source: eurovision.de)