You’re A Vision


Finland wins ‘You’re A Vision Award 2023’ for most remarkable Eurovision outfit

Finland wins the second You’re A Vision Award. According to Eurovision fans, contestant Käärijä wore the most remarkable outfit at the past Eurovision Song Contest. The You’re A Vision Award highlights inspiring diversity and creativity at the Eurovision Song Contest.

At Eurovision in Liverpool, Finland just missed out to Sweden with Cha Cha Cha. When it came to voting for the You’re A Vision Award 2023, Käärijä had no competition. His striking green “bolero jacket” received the most votes. Let 3 from Croatia came in second, Gustaph from Belgium took bronze.

The top three:

  1. Finland
  2. Croatia
  3. Belgium

The You’re A Vision Award crowns the most outstanding outfit at the Eurovision Song Contest. We do this to celebrate the creativity and diversity of the Song Contest. Each year, the award goes to the candidate who, thanks to the outfit the artist wore, caught your eye. What exactly stands out is up to the voters. It can range from a stunning but simple costume to a fire-spitting dress. Which outfit caught your eye, who stood out? That is what the You’re A Vision Award is all about.