DSVS 2016

DSVS 2016

DSVS: Our experts have to say about Hungary, Croatia & Moldova

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Today let us expertenpanel are five stubborn light shine over three new entries from the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Armenia, Greece and Finland passed yesterday the revue, today there looked at the songs from Hungary, Croatia and Moldova.

Hungary: Freddie – Pioneer

Stijn de Guzman: This Hungarian with Bambi-eyes and a pronounced grain will undoubtedly melt many hearts. He knows the camera to play very well and at the right time gives the public a glimpse of his six pack. That will yield points. The song is not a high flyer but I suspect that the Hungarians have the final this year.

Fabian Faber: The rough in his voice and the hoarseness do this song stand out. I love Here. A song that there is in its simplicity. Good drive, beautiful rugged voice. A refrain that you quickly meebrult and also what incites clap to the beat of the song. A song from the outset triggers for more. You have only three minutes and Hungary know them perfectly exploit!

Sam Jacobs: Good singer, with a separate voice. Pioneer is a populair, modern ballad which I believe can catch on. Very original is not it, the building is pretty predictable, but I find the melody be strong. I hope not too much yelling, Freddie because that is not necessary, the song is strong enough. If he from the screen, he can go to the top-10 and maybe even to the winner’s podium, seems to me.

Fabio Ponente: A delight for the eye, that should be said. It is a dynamic number with fun energy that flows through it. The singing gives me a happy feeling, and this is definitely worth a final spot for me!

Roy Van der Merwe: I like the title Pioneer beautiful because they but a word exists. I have not heard the other songs from the Hungarian selection but this I find pretty good and dramatic. This may do very well, and possibly even win. It has all the right ingredients, except one: the voice of the singer. He sings very unclear, and I have difficulty to understand the lyrics. He might as well sing in Hungarian or Chinese, as far as I’m concerned. Last year we had the Heroes, maybe this year though a Pioneer.

Croatia: Nina Krajlić Lighthouse

Stijn de Guzman: Something in this issue reminds me of Zara Larssons Uncover thinking, which in itself is a good sign. The song creates a particular atmosphere with the typical Balkan sounds but I don’t know if there is enough fire flares in Nina’s Lighthouse to the ships back safe in the port. At least a good few weeks.

Fabian Faber: The falsetto I find beautiful, but the English speaks to me right away. They had better put this song in their national language? Or do they give Nina a crash course English? “DEIR IES you LAAJT” and “SKAAJ” the DEIR IEN … my toes curl a bit inside. It has taken me somewhere though, but let us say that I am more is released.

Sam Jacobs: This song is beautiful, albeit a bit predictable, with even traditional sounds just enough to know that this is of a Balkan country. The voice is very this time. Lorde, Zara Larsson, Emma Bale of … many young singers today sing this way. Maybe this still somewhat classic song thereby also can appeal to the teenage girls . It is all a bit too well. If it’s good, it seems to me to be able to finish high, but the act must really be good.

Fabio Ponente: A very refreshing sound. Also the clear voice of the singer is to me. This is a dramatic number with that typical Croatian sounds that make the song completely for me. Yet something is missing. It’s a good song, but …

Roy Van der Merwe: Well, Lighthouse, we already have as a group (the Group Lighthouse X from Denmark, ed.) and now also as number. When in 2013 for Croatia last took part, it was my favorite, but I find this not so good. It is a song that easy in the hearing is, and there is nothing to hate, but it is also not 100% my style. Chances are that I better go find as the Eurovision song contest is approaching. Anyway, I am delighted that Croatia back in the match.

Moldova: Lidia Isac – Falling Stars

Stijn de Guzman: A typical Eurovision Song: a slow beginning that steadily builds up to the kind of Chorus where glitter and feathers. Lidia had had more charisma, then had them here and there be points but now I fear that the viewers for these shooting stars their gsm will not.

Fabian Faber: Nice record, but that is it for me a little bit on. Not strong enough to say, ‘ this is it going to be ‘. I’m missing something when I go to her look. That factor that attracts me about the stripe is missing from her. Of course, a strong act the night itself change.

Sam Jacobs: Lidia comes with a song as there are already quite a lot. It starts quietly and crack than loose in a (ever) modern pop/dance number. This kind of numbers has had its day, seems to me. I like it myself best fine that there is still something from intruding, but I don’t expect much. The number can be supported in a big act, but not the clip suggests that the dynamic of Lidia will have to come. Therefore, I fear that this it is not going to pull, but it sounds pretty good.

Fabio Ponente: This I find a Celine Dion-like uptempo song, and that is positive. It’s nice to listen to, but it is something all too typical and me too. I miss a renewing factor to the song on.

Roy Van der Merwe: Moldova is a country that never has a submission that I find horrible, but also no where I am very excited about. This song is reset in the middle that I can’t remember if it is over. It allows no impression at all on me after, positive nor negative, and that is not a good sign. Possible also the voters will forget that this song there is. The title is beautiful, and who knows we’ll see shooting stars from the ceiling on stage?

Tomorrow, our experts review the entries from Netherlands, Russia and San Marino.