Disappointed Conchita Wurst: ‘ have my seven minutes of fame had ‘

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When she won the song contest in may 2014 Rise Like a Phoenix predicted many music experts and fans bearded phenomenon Conchita Wurst a golden future. Two years later they admit that it is difficult to redeem her success. They last even a break in and tries to change her look to the attention. (Photo: Linda Stulic)

The popular drag queen was a guest last weekend during the Human Rights Concert on the Amsterdam Dam. Wurst is Ambassador of the EuroPride which this year the Dutch capital. Dutch newspaper Het Parool was allowed to interview the singer from Austria. What immediately stands out to the published pictures is the long scraggly beard of Conchita Wurst. She does not just: ‘ my beard is considerably longer. He was briefly trimmed, that fit better with my look by then. I need my appearance every now and then a bit of reinventing‘, says the singer who in everyday life just Tom Neuwirth is called.


The attention that they are trying to stay with that long beard, is no surprise. After the release of some singles, a debut album, a book and on diving as green room host during the Eurovision song contest in Vienna, is the machine around Wurst standstill. Her mini-tour by some German-speaking countries went quietly and the media spotlight disappeared like snow in the Sun. Conchita admits that it all not a hitch runs: ‘ show business is heavy and there is no recipe. How to redeem your success, that is a question that even Madonna herself, each album again. The Eurovision Song Contest was such a great thing. There will be a Rise Like a Phoenix in it? I will still have a moment that is so great? Should I expect? I would not think so, but if that were my seven minutes of fame , then price I myself lucky, ‘ she says light disappointed.

Time for reflection so. Conchita Wurst last a break in the next three months and no longer act to, in his own words to her new album. ‘ I’m in a nice creative process. I write songs and get help by great professionals, people who have worked with Kylie Minogue, for example. I am very happy with it. I try to focus on what my heart and gut feeling tell me and hopefully beautiful things to think of. ‘

Dutch channel AT5 made a report of Conchita’s passage on the EuroPride in Amsterdam. NPO 3 transmits the Human Rights Concert, with Wurst, besides tonight at 9.20 pm. View the images of AT5 below: