Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

Ticket sales start today

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Today will be approximately 70,000 tickets for the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Oekraiïne offered for sale that made the organization known. About 7.15 p.m. our time start ticket sales. Prices can amount to no less than 500 euros.

It comes to tickets to the six (dress) rehearsals, semi-finals and the grand final on Saturday 13 may 2017. You need to be ready to 7.15 p.m. your computer or with your smartphone in hand, because then start selling on Previous years were the tickets so the door. Of course, but a first bulk of tickets, there will again be offered for sale later.

Ticket prices

The prices of the tickets can very. Though there are also tickets for sale that would cost 8 euros but, for the most expensive you count down 500 euro . In order to offer everyone the opportunity to be able to buy tickets, you’ll only four per transaction. But a person may do multiple transactions.

The EBU is very satisfied with the news about the ticket sale, because previously they had to make known that the sale was forced was postponed due to complaints. ‘ Ukrainian broadcaster has us can assure that they have found the right partner with ‘ The Organization could use a bit of good news, because yesterday was known to be a large part of the organizing staff quit their jobs are not pleased.