Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

‘ song for Kiev chosen, publication in March ‘

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It seems that O’G3NE has chosen a song with which they will represent Netherlands in Ukraine. There were three songs in the running but Aischa Traïdia and written by Kees, author of two of the three songs, via social media that her compositions not chosen. The chance is thick in that the sisters with the song of their father, Rick full, at the start will appear in May.

It is the message of Jean Francois Traïdia and written by Kees from Amsterdam that makes us suspect that the bullet through the Church is in Netherlands. Let them know they Eurovision songs has written for O’G3NE, but that her songs at the last minute dropped out. ‘ Now I’m going further, unfortunately the other song chosenTraïdia and written by Kees ‘, writes in one of the comments on her post.

Songfestival liedjes schrijven voor Og3ne! Dit heb ik de afgelopen tijd met plezier gedaan! Ik stond zelfs met 2 songs in de top 3! Trots op mezelf :p

Geplaatst door Aischa Traidia op dinsdag 17 januari 2017

O’G3NE is the last few months have been very busy with the song selection for the Eurovision song contest. It was Shelley who told us about on the radio that there are only three songs in the selection. There were also names of composers: Han Kalim, Gordon Groothedde and the father of the girls: Rick vol. Also 3JS (the Eurovision candidates of 2011) and Bruce Smith would have presented a song to the girls. The Dutch delegation received a total of about 40 songs.

It’s still wait on the publication of the submission. According to Shelley will that happen only in March