ARGO represents Greece in Stockholm

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Greece will be at the upcoming Eurovision song contest represented by the Argo Group. On the number is the wait.

The last days did several names the round about who should defend the Greek colors in Stockholm. Ithikon Akmaiotaton or Salina would have been in the running to represent the country, yesterday made several websites mention Euro pound. Greek broadcaster confirmed today that the Argo to Stockholm Mag. it turns out to be a name change that was implemented because of rushed the leak.

For the first time since 2004 the Greek entry internally . Dionisis Tsaknis, the CEO of the public broadcaster ERT, announced last week that he himself had taken the selection in hands. The song that Argo takes office, is not yet known. ‘ The song sounds ethnic and Balkans inspired, but is certainly not traditional. It is a Greek song in which the national identity is a strong presence. The text refers to the refugee crisis and to the financial difficulties that we experience. Yet it is a happy song ‘, he said.

Who is curious to the music of Euro pound or Argo, can visit the official YouTube channel or on facebook. The band consists of Christina Dennis, Maria Ventikidou, Vladimiros Sofianides, Kostas Toupouzis and Elias Kesides.

Greece is in Stockholm in the first half of first semifinal on May 10. The Greeks won only once with Helena Paparizou who in 2005 with My Number One. The country last year in Vienna , finishing nineteenth with Maria Elena Kiriakou’s One Last Breath.