number of auditions on Spotify calls winner ‘ Supernova 2017 ‘ determine

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Scoop: streaming on Spotify is going to play a role in Supernova, the Eurovision heat of Latvia. One entry is (also) points received according to the number of streams on Spotify. It is the first time that a streaming service will be deployed during a preliminary round.

The final of Super nova 2017 will be held on 26 February. 100% televoting in advance was said that would determine the winner, but the candidates will also through Spotify points received. The number of auditions on Spotify is going to determine the amount of points. For how many percent that is going to have influence on the final result is currently unknown. Broadcaster LTV was also not known whether streaming a role will play in the first elimination rounds.

‘ More likely on a hit ‘

Ilze Jansone, producer of the preliminary round: ‘ We’re going to work with Spotify and Univeral Music. Thanks to streaming we reach a ‘ new ‘ public and that is the ideal opportunity to join the streams to count in the results. ‘ Jansonse also says that there will be a hard waterproof system that should prevent any abuse . Petri Manonen, a representative of Universal Music, says that the number of streams on Spotify gives an indication about the ‘ hit-factor ‘ of a song. ‘ The more people listen to it, the more chance of a hit. Aminata and Justs did very well in the Eurovision Song Contest, we would like to go a step further, ‘ he says.

For Eurovision country is this new method of handing out points a scoop, but in Norway were streaming services have previously deployed to bring the results to determine during television shows.

The deadline to sign up for preliminary round Super nova is October 28. Matiass Millers (BMG Rights Management) and Joy Deb (author of the winning Heroes from 2015) together form the Latvian international jury during the preliminary round.