in, the nine lean years & politics

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Maybe you’re after the last song festival, and the thought that we are completely dedicated itself a year have to wait for the next edition, also plagued by the so-called Post Eurovision Depression, or PED. To do something we strikten the Dutchman Dave Baker to guide us this week through the big Eurovision book, which he wrote as co-author and last year issued. You can find the info and TidBITS like? Then we have good news, because this weekend we raffle off two copies of the book on our facebook page. (Photo:

Last year at our northern neighbors the big Eurovision book. Authors Richard van der BYL and Dave Baker went looking for never-before-told stories about the Eurovision Song Contest and interviewed over 45 people involved. By Dutch former participants as Getty Kaspers, Lenny Kuhr, Edsilia Rombley and Joan), disc jockeys, delegation leaders, conductors to dozens of fans. It supplied a revealing and successful book that some weeks at number-1 was in the music category of internet shop and the book was proposed in several Dutch television programs.


‘ I want to try the men once more be tempted to act together, “says Getty Kaspers beginning november 2014 decisively. As a singer of teach-in in 1975 she is responsible for the last Dutch Eurovision win. Where the Belgians stick to the 1986 by Sandra Kim, the Dutch do that at the 1975 by teach-in. In Netherlands is thing-a-Dong seen as music history, a bit of national pride, but still had the name or teach-in had never been on the Eurovision Song Contest. So reveals music producer Eddy Ouwens: ‘ sometime early 1974 I was called by a colleague of mine. He had a group action. They wanted to go stop, but point was: they were stone-and-stone. ‘ It is the start of an adventure full of startling events. Of terror threat in Stockholm to an after partygot out of hand. And we haven’t even talked about the break-up of the band after the Eurovision song contest. ‘ I have never finished that chapter. We have never talked about it, ‘ says lead singer K.


Anouk and the nine lean years

We go back to the Eurovision Song Contest from 2013. ‘ Ten countries may through to the final on Saturday evening. Nine countries have been published. Like the previous eight years sat there again not in Netherlands. It is unnerving. There is still one spot over. It is not to the public. Which leaves are preferred more than ever. Now, Yes now, it’s time to Netherlands, after nine lean years, to get back in the final battle of the largest music show in the world. But what is certain is that by no means, because Serbia also seems to have good paper for the grand finale. ‘ Indeed, this is about super star Anouk who reported in 2013 at the AVRO/cluster with a killer song . Although many broadcasting at an artist as Anouk in his hands would pinch, was the singer – initially – by the Dutch broadcaster refused. In the end it was anyway Anouk who took office in Copenhagen. With killer song Birds they ended on a ninth place. A striking detail: the very first song – ever sung at the Eurovision Song Contest of 1956 – also went about birds and was also in the Netherlands. The birds of Holland was a song by Annie M.G. Schmidt and was sung by the Dutch singer Jetty Paerl who died in 2013.


Politics in the Eurovision song contest

‘ We can simply not around it. Various contributions from the Eurovision history have led to controversy. ‘ One of the 15 political riots in the great Song Book is discussed, is the hassle around the Israeli entry by 2000. ‘ What do you get when you combine the Pet Shop Boys and the Spice Girls? If Europe is to know that at all? Yes, thought the Israeli broadcasting when they handed the formation Ping Pong a ticket to Stockholm. That the merry company would deliver the Israeli broadcasting boss traumas, held at that time no one thought possible. Yet dreaded nightmares come true and ends the action, on the evening of May 13, 2000, in a tawdry tragedy… ‘


Tomorrow part two of five.