Croatia still participation questionable

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The EBU reported earlier this week that Croatia was one of the 43 countries that would participate in the next Eurovision Song Contest. But it is still not quite sure, according to the Croatian Jutarnjinews medium.

According to the Croatian article has the State broadcaster HRT still no definitive judgement about a Eurovision participation in Stockholm next year. Only at the end of december is the final decision expected.

The HRT would also still at odds with the way to select a suitable candidate. For years, the Croatian Eurovision songs fest Dora used as heat, but was internally chosen in 2012 and 2013. Now could it be possible that the winner of the local version of the talent show, The Voicethat is broadcast on the HRT in Croatia, the Eurovision ticket would get. The first edition was already won by singer Nina Kraljić, and so is her name currently listed. Also the broadcasting companies in Russia and Wallonia The Voice used as a way to indirectly a songfestivalkandidaat.

Technically, each broadcaster can withdraw at any time, until the day of the Eurovision song contest itself. But the period because costs free to do, has now been passed. As the HRT or any other broadcaster thus withdraws now, she will not escape to the full participation fee is to be paid to the EBU.

The Balkan country last took part in 2013. The men’s group Klapa s Mora survived the semifinals in Malmö with the song Mizerja.