Stockholm 2016


Countries of the big five lottery tickets their half in the final

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During the gala on the red carpet, in which all candidates from the 42 countries for the sake of the cameras passed and were interviewed by the press, the artists of the lootten countries of the big five their half in the final. (Photo: Philip Houtermans)

In earlier years determined the artists their own fate partly at the end of their second press conference, which was held this afternoon. Save went by an unknown that when not by, and if Jamie-Lee, Amir, Francesca Michielin, Barei and Joe & Jake therefore their half off tickets just before they went on the red carpet.

Germany, France and Italy will occur in the first half, either between starting position a and thirteen. Spain and the United Kingdom get a place in the second half. Host country Sweden’s we know as only the exact starting position. French will be the ninth his song If I Were Sorry .

The organization behind the song festival will at the end of the two semifinals, when all twenty semi finalists have drawn their half, the exact order for Saturday’s final evening proposals. That will happen in the night of Thursday to Friday.¬†Since 2013 is already the start order no longer randomly drawn, but are countries divided into halves first, after which the organisation team the actual order.