Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


1st rehearsal Laura Tesoro: Excellent first performance

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Today at 15.40 hours the first rehearsal of Belgium, started last of all land of the two semifinals. Our candidate Laura Tesoro stood for the first time on the Eurovision stage in the Globen Arena, flanked by her dancers and backing vocals.

Laura is assisted by four people who with her on stage. All four do they both to song and dance, which is unique in Eurovision this year. The five-piece comes on with cloths with the colours of the Belgian flag in the hands, and then works at the first performance been successful a slick choreography , though it is already clear that Laura itself vocal still hold to today above all focusing on the movements. However, we have heard no false note, what a whole improvement of eurosong. Also at the second and third appearance of Belgium that we saw in the press centre, she and her team remained standing.

The stage setting is in marked contrast to those of most other countries: where virtually all delegations this year to blue grabs as noting color, the Belgian action being freshened up by a stage background with yellow and orange bulbs and horizontal lines on the rear LED screens. The four dancers are per second on a platform with Laura in the middle. Towards the end, fails our young spring-in-‘t-field is to the zijpodiumpje, where she in the last notes is joined by her dancers and singers. Laura may be enough play to the cameras and amiable happen to to leave a lasting impression on the viewers, where she is helped by fine camera work that flying and longer shots alternating with smooth spins which give an extra dimension in terms of dynamics.

Above coupled with the favorable last start place that we have gotten the SVT, seems to ensure that a final place anything but completely impossible. It is clear that the VRT and the Flemish team behind the song festival this year had a better thought out concept , which is hopefully will translate in the necessary points.





(Copyright photo: Thomas Hanses, EBU)