Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


4th: Ukraine, Georgia, Albania, Norway rehearsal day

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The rehearsals go on, with this article reports on Nisar Ahmad, the Young Georgian Lolitaz, Sauma and Eneda Tarifa.

Ukraine Jamala

Jamala is the first candidate this year that all the possibilities for the stage in an optimal way. No doubt she has the most beautiful and most well-kept background sequences that we have seen. In the first chorus is the LED floor under her very effective illuminated in all kinds of colors, but the highlight follows in the end, when Jamala from a tree behind her is projected. During the first performance she is wearing a modest black dress, though it was already known that the singer will experiment with various different outfits. Jamala proved her livezangeres, as can already sounded them at single notes a bit hoarse. 1944 will not be accessible enough for all the televoters, but a good position for Ukraine is anything but unthinkable.


Norway Agnete

After the lunch break is Nisar Ahmad from Norway further. She wears the same dress as already in the final, though the rest of the act what changed: the large glass cage on stage is replaced by two glass platforms, one for Hasan and one for a singer. A slightly embarrassing moment took place when her parcel apparently remained stuck between her ass cheeks, making them that there had to be pulling out while Nisar Ahmad the soul out of her body on to singing was. Vocally she is on the right track, but she is not there yet at all. The stage is, of course, all blue, with particles of ice in the background processes. The whole is definitely not bad, but possible drops this what through the ice after the bombastic Ukrainian occur.


Georgia YoungGeorgianLolitaz

The Young Georgian Lolitaz start Meanwhile known colour palette of blue and white, during the intro be pink shades introduced what the whole what opfleurt. The group is like a real rock band on stage and so they are. The Visual effects are created by close-ups of the singer in blending together. Half of his face is mirrored and two times projected, this provides a psychedelic image that fits clearly with the number.


Albania Eneda Tarifa EnedaTarifa is penultimate. Today she is wearing a comfortable t-shirt and white blazer, but this is still not her real Eurovision outfit. Now she seems a little too much like a housewife who is going to sing an evening of karaoke. Like so many other candidates this year, Eneda only on a predominantly blue stage, though the background singers at least this action not quite hidden, but they come in the distance still in image. Vocal is everything okay, but this is not a high flyer. This a real act that impression.


Copyright photos: Andres Putting/EBU