Stockholm 2016


Melodifestivalen songs third heat ‘ sound ‘

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The Organization of the Swedish preliminary round has as always short fragments of the participating songs put online on its website. It is the first time that the general public is particles of the songs from the third qualifying round.

In addition to the image fragments of songs, even though pictures of the rehearsals online. The song Human by Oscar Zia (photo) got a new meaning after he came out of the closet as a homosexual a few weeks ago.

3rd qualifying round (20/02, Norrköping):
1. S – Kizunguzungu

2. Swingfly Feat. Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name

3. Weight of the World – JOSIE

4. After Dark – Come ut som and stjärna

5. Lisa Ajax – My Heart Wants Me Dead

6. Boris René – Put Your Love On Me

7. Oscar Zia – Human