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Bosnian State broadcaster is also banned from Eurovision?

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After the EBU at the eleventh hour decided to Romanian broadcaster TVR a few weeks before the Eurovision song contest from the Organization context for public service broadcasting, and thus the participation opportunities for the Eurovision song contest, now quashed a similar scenario for the Bosnian colleagues. (Photo: EBU)

The BHRT, the State broadcaster of Bosnia & Herzegovina, sits for years in deep debt. So took the country this year for the first time since 2012 again only part in the song contest, because there is no budget could be freed up for earlier. The EBU that the BHRT already for more than five million euro debt has built up in recent years. That happened, for example, by the expensive broadcasting rights for international events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and major sporting events never pay back.

In a press release let the EBU know that there the past two years have been regularly with the BHRT for a payment plan to pay back the accumulated debt, in phases. All those negotiations, however, never turned on something out. Ingrid Delterne, the Director-General of the EBU, the conclusions: ‘ We can’t allow the BHRT higher debts continues building on hood of the other European broadcasters. However, we continue to work with the Bosnian State in order to find a long-term solution, so as to be able to continue to finance public broadcasting. ‘

30 June

On his official website let the BHRT know it was on 30 June stops broadcasting on radio and television. The measure is temporary, but a duration is not specified. Bosnia & Herzegovina is the only country in Europe without public service broadcaster. If the situation persists for a long time and no agreement is reached on a repayment plan, it seems likely that the Balkan country will continue again for a moment away from the Eurovision stage.

In comparison, some years back the Greeks went through a similar scenario. State broadcaster ERT was closed and soon replaced by the cheaper NERIT. Now sends the ERT itself forward, and never stopped with the country take part in the Eurovision song contest.

Just as Greece also cited Bosnia & Herzegovina this year for the first time since the introduction of the semi-finals in the 2004 finals. The Quartet Deen, Dalal, Ana and Jala got not enough points for their song Ljubav you.