Eurosong 2016


Hadise and Christer Björkman experts in final ‘ eurosong 2016 ’

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During the live shows of eurosong 2016 zullen different experts give their opinion about the performance of the five candidates. In the final on 17 January will be super star Hadise MelodifestivalenChrister Björkman-Organizer and have their say.

Presenter Peter van de Veire made the two names known in an interview with us that online later this week. ‘ See the experts not as jurors as they used to, “says Peter. ‘ The different experts are professionals who have the necessary experience on and around the Eurovision Song Contest. For example, does it not bad with Christer Björkman Sweden. ‘

No voice share

Hadise, since its participation in 2009 a superstar in Turkey, and Christer Björkman, as the other experts no voice share. They give the candidates only tips and their further opinion. It is the viewers at home and the European juries in the final vote. The juries from Europe will Melodifestivalengewijs do that through a spokesperson. Just as in the final of eurosong 2014 so.

In addition to Björkman, who in 1992 itself participated in the song festival, other experts and Hadise will pop up in the shows. Their names are not yet known. Let Peter know that Eurovision expert André Vermeulen there not at will.