End career Nicole & Hugo

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They announced it a long time ago, but today the moment has arrived: Nicole & Hugo give their very last concert in Bruges and put them a point behind their rich career.

The curtain finally falls tonight at 20:00 for the popular singing duo. Then they end their farewell tour that allows them through the whole of Flanders.

Nicole and Hugo in 2014 made known that they were going to do to the calmer. Here and there a small guest appearance, they still are, but Grand Tours, long concert series or new music recordings come there not more from 2016. It was Nicole who wanted to stop action, that Hugo said in an interview that the latest news had with him: ‘ it’s a pity, but Nicole doesn’t see it more down, “he said then. ‘ Does she still like to, but the movements, all those phone calls. No, our Tina has had it with all that stuff. They can’t do that anymore. Nicoles mom, 93 years, lives next to us and is huge in need. Nicole does her shopping, cooks for her, takes her to the doctor. That is another reason why Nicole wants to stop singing. Through all those headaches she has increasingly difficult to her texts to remember. ‘

This weekend there appeared in the newspaper a grand farewell interview with the two. In it let Hugo that he likely goes back to work as an actor. All their costumes go they sell, they want to keep only the iconic packs from 1973. “I want to carry that in my trunk ‘, says Hugo.

Eternally connected to the Eurovision song contest

The showbiz couple is one of the most popular Flemish artists ever. That popularity they have partly due to the Eurovision Song Contest. In 1971 they were allowed to represent our country already, but just before the final was Nicole suddenly felled by jaundice.

Belgium was in 1973, but now really, represented by Nicole & Hugo. On February 25, had the duo won the preliminary round song for Luxembourg . On the festival fared Nicole & Hugo pitiful: they were disconsolate last, in spite of, or just by their striking purple jumpsuits. They would have a place in the collective memory conquer Eurovision, with a performance on the show as a result of 50 years of Eurovision Song Contest in 2005 as evidence.

Years later they took part in the Flemish for another round. They got during eurosong 2004 critical acclaim for their song Love Is All Around, but in the end they took the next round does not.

In addition to their two Eurovision entries scored other hits, such as Nicole & Hugo Pastoral and Shoot prayer. Thanks to their cover of Pastoral (with which they the music program won Zo Is Er Maar Eén ) got their career a new boost.