Kiev 2017

KIEV 2017

selection for 2017 is chaotic

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The Greeks made no good turn in Stockholm with Argo, and as it now looks like there is a good chance that not 2017 also the success year of Greece will be. The selection for 2017 expires that is anything but easy. Broadcaster ERT internally first an artist wanted to indicate, but later they came there on back. A national selection then? First though, don’t. And to complete the soap report Greek media now that there is a “budget friendly” national final.

INFE Greece writes that in Greece an national round, but one that may cost a lot of money. There would be a tv broadcast in which only video clips will be of potential entries for Kiev 2017. No great show with performances so. Audience and a jury together determine the winner. ERT selected in the 90s more often that way their Eurovision entry and Georgia sent in 2015 via that method Nina Sublatti to Vienna.

No money!

The plans after the Eurovision song contest by 2016 were on the table looked completely different: ERT internally would be a well-known name. There might even have been calls with Demy and ex-winner Helena Paparizou. That party did not go through, because suddenly the Greeks still would be selected through a full heat. The current budget threw a spanner in the works: there is too little money. Then someone internally anyway. Only criticism came on, because the Argo (internally elected) so bad did: first Greece was eliminated in the semifinals. According to Oikotimes would artists such as Stereo Soul, Giorgina Karachaliou and the above have submitted songs Demy at the Greek broadcasting so as to be chosen internally.

Because they who do not want to ignore criticism, ERT so anyway choose a budget friendly heat. At the moment, there are still no official posts come out on the selection of Greece, also that points to rumbling behind the scenes.