tonight final “Festivali i Këngës ‘

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After tonight, we have the first song for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. Though the chances are that that number is still a hefty update will get, or even completely will be replaced.

Albania | 8:30 pm-? hours, livestream

The final of the 55th Edition of Festivali i Këngës the Albanian music competition will be finished. The fourteen finalists who managed to locations from the semifinals of yesterday and the day before are facing each other and perform their songs on again. It has to a professional jury (60%) and a public jury (40%, so no televoting) to the winner.

The final starts around 8:30 tonight, and will in all probability three hours or even something more. One of the hosts of the broadcast is Ledina Çelo, which in 2005 took part for Albania and sixteenth ended up with Tomorrow I Go.

Tonight’s the final field , in alphabetical order, you can find below:

Deelnemer(s)NummerVolgorde van optredenPunten vakjuryPunten publiekjuryPlaats
Franc KoruniMacka1
LorelaMe ty2
Xhesika PoloEva jam unë3
Fabiola Agalliu & Agnesa CavolliShkon e vjen5
Dilan RekaMos harro6
Lindita HalimiBota71
Flaka KrelaniS'dua t'flas8
Rezarta SmajaPse prite gjatë9
Edea DemaliajBesoj në ëndrra10
YII LimaniShiu11
Orges ToçeShi diamantësh13
Genc SalihuKëtu14

To the winner to do what Eneda Tarifa last may on the ESF in Stockholm did not succeed: the final make up for Albania. The best result of the country remains a fifth place. That earned Rona Nishliu in 2012 with Sallie.