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Fans of the better Italian song can pick their hearts over the next five nights. The RAI transmits between tonight and Saturday night the 67th Edition of the Sanremomusic festival.

The final winner will be asked to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of Italy. The winner may refuse that, in that case, the runner-up requested. That happened last year: a Eurovision participation did not fit into the agenda of the winning group Stadio, and thereupon, swallowed runner-up Francesca Michielin. They eventually became 16th in Stockholm with No Degree of Separation.

No daily updates Carlo Conti and Maria De Filippi talk the five nights at length to each other. will not report daily of Sanremo, but updates the list of participants of the finals Saturday night. The full list will only during the broadcast itself getting around, but what we know, we place in our general article of all preliminary rounds, that Friday morning will appear.

Sanremo works with two categories of participants, the Nuove proposte (new, young participants) and C (celebrated artists). From that last category will in all probability the songfestivalkandidaat result. The course of the next few nights in the table below:

VerloopCampioniNuove ProposteStemsysteem
Dinsdag 7 februariDe 22 kandidaten brengen hun nieuwe song. De stemming wordt geopend en loopt door tot aan het einde van donderdagavond.-Een persjury (50%) en televoting (50%)
Woensdag 8 februariElf van de twintig kandidaten brengen hun nieuwe song. De top zes gaat naar de finale.Vier kandidaten brengen hun song. De top twee gaat naar de finale.Een persjury (50%) en televoting (50%)
Donderdag 9 februariElf van de twintig kandidaten brengen hun nieuwe song. De top zes gaat naar de finale.Vier kandidaten brengen hun song. De top twee gaat naar de finale.Een persjury (50%) en televoting (50%)
Vrijdag 10 februariDe 22 kandidaten coveren een bekende song. De top twaalf van de stemmingen van de afgelopen avonden samen gaat door naar de finale. Voor de tien afvallers gaan de stemlijnen opnieuw open, tot zaterdagavond.De vier finalisten brengen hun song, waarna de eindwinnaar gekozen wordt.Een vakjury (30%), een panel van muziekfans (30%) en televoting (40%)
Zaterdag 11 februariDe top drie van de afvallers wordt aangekondigd en vervoegt de twaalf finalisten. In totaal zijn er dus vijftien. De top drie gaat door naar de superfinale, waarna daaruit de eindwinnaar gekozen wordt. Dat gebeurt telkens met hetzelfde stemsysteem hier rechts in de tabel.-Een vakjury (30%), een panel van muziekfans (30%) en televoting (40%)

The candidates

Below you can find the participant list of category C back. The most famous name for Eurovision fans is that of Al Bano. He represented Italy at the Eurovision song contest twice, each time with his ex-wife Romina Power. The duo took part in 1976 and 1985 and ended in both cases on the seventh place. Bano was also as a backing vocalist for Switzerland on stage in 2000. It’s his 15th participation in Sanremo.

Al BanoDi rose e di spine
Elodie Tutta colpa mia
Paola TurciFatti bella per te
Samuel Vedrai
Fiorella MannoiaChe sia benedetta
Nesli & Alice PabaDo retta a te
Michele BraviIl diario dei errori
Fabrizio Moro Portami via
Giusy FerreriFatalmente mae
Gigi D’AlessioLa prima stella
Raige & Giulia LuziTogliamoci la voglia
Ron L’ottava meraviglia
Ermal Meta Vietato morire
Michele ZarrilloMani nelle mani
Lodovica Comello Il cielo non mi basta
Sergio SylvestreCon te
Clementino Ragazzi fuori
Alessio Bernabei In mezzo di un applauso
Francesco GabbaniOccidentali’s Karma
Chiara Nessun posto è casa mia
Bianca AtzeiOra esisti solo tu
Marco Masini Spostato di un secondo

The broadcasts start at 8:30 pm on RAI1, and will each take four hours to complete. Rai1 is at Telenet to view on channel 180, at Proximus on channel 285.