Participation in Kiev still uncertain

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It’s still not 100% confirmed or whether or not Russia will take part in the upcoming Eurovision song contest. Now it appears that the country probably will not be present at the meeting of all heads of delegation, which is scheduled in a few days.

The Russian broadcaster keeps for months the tight-lipped and still has nothing official discharged. Although Russia was included in the official list of participants of the EBU which was published at the end of last year, but it was then e-mailed again. On fansites and some Russian media have been circulating for possible names, but it is unknown to what extent for information by insiders or pure guesswork.

To 42 countries?

Since fanfavoriet Sergey Lazarev (photo) had to submit the thumbs for the Ukrainian Jamala last year, speculation about Russian participation. It is not easy for Russia to take part in a song contest that is held in a country where it also geopolitics for several years immediately quite at odds. A few days after the victory of Ukraine in Stockholm, we reported already that a majority of Russians prefer did not want their country participated in the song festival 2017. That number would already have risen to 60 or even 80 percent, according to several opinion polls.

Now there is a new signal that indicates that we may again with ‘ only ‘ 42 instead of 43 countries. Pavlo Shylko, the spokesman of the Eurovision 2017 of the PBC, the former UA: State broadcaster NTU, said in an interview with the Ukrainian medium Ukrinform that no Russian delegation will be present on the Head of delegations meeting, either the meeting of the delegation heads of the now-43-participating countries. “The Russian delegation has not registered, nor us an attendance list. There is also no hotel booked. The chance that they will be not there, is 90% “, treasure Shylko.

The website ESCKAZ also reports that several artists who had reported at the Russian broadcaster to participate have the lid on the nose . Them would be told that Russia will withdraw themselves as possible.

Financial symbol

Also in the Russian media is the Eurovision song contest and the questionable participation become a big topic of conversation. Dmitry Peskov, the press Chief of the Russian president, saw that concern is: “given the location of the Eurovision song contest this year, there may be security issues.” The EBU has repeatedly assured that the security of all participants guaranteed, but that message is clear on deaf ears.

The Russian State broadcaster effectively had to decide to withdraw, that would be a financial symbol . As a country so close to cancel the contest itself, it would still have to cough up the full entry fee.

The meeting of Heads of State scheduled for 12 and 13 March, now Sunday and Monday. A small delegation from each participating country off to the location of her entry to the Eurovision song contest to officially hand it over to the EBU and the Hall to visit.