Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


1st rehearsal day: Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands

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Next are Croatia and Hungary, Netherlands!



Freddie is tough on stage with leather jacket and ripped jeans. To the right are a large drum and three backing singers on stage. The atmosphere is mainly determined by a bright red exposure. We get a lot of close-ups of the singers alternated with often get some messy camera work (where, of course, still will be).

Croatia fred1


Nina Kraljić wears sparkling at the start of the number one mosquito net that soon removed by her dancers. For the time being, there is still a lumberjack shirt under the dress, but that is during the show a white dress with plumes. Behind her is to see a starry sky in combination with atmospheric, blue exposure. Vocally, she strongly out of the corner.

Netherlands nina


Douwe Bob and his musicians begin the song on a large clock as surface. The first two minutes everything is pretty static and relatively little happens on stage. At the last chorus Douwe runs to a smaller stage with tripod and guitar. He went just a little too much on in his song Slow Down, because the Dutchman came late to his position. Zangtechnisch is everything very well.


Photos: Andres Putting – Thomas Hanses –