Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


The first rehearsals of the big five: Germany, Italy and the uk

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Today the longest rehearsal day of the year, with the second rehearsal in the tail of our Laura Tesoro. Until then, first of all the other countries of the big five this morning their first time on the Eurovision stage.

The complete rehearsal schedule of today can be found here .



The German Srinivas Jamie-Lee and her entourage have wisely decided to copy the actions from the national final to the Eurovision stage. The same barren trees and green laser beams are back with a vengeance. The only modification is in the modified backing vocals, and that was a wise decision. Jamie-Lee can count on her striking appearance, but lacks as yet sufficient natural look to a long-lasting impression. During the first rehearsal kept it all a bit on the flat side. Especially the technical team has work, because the camera work was still not functioning properly.

Italy JamieLee


The Italian singer Francesca Michielin has an original act for her bilingual song No Degree of Separation. She wears a jumpsuit with floral print, the whole stage around her is decorated with plastic flowers, and a large tree in the background projected on the screens. As additional Visual gimmick be there during the whole action in white hearts and other shapes shown on the screen. That is a video effect that so to see is not in the Chamber, but only for the viewers at home. Francesca is disarming and her stage setting is cute without childish. The press centre rewarded this performance already with a overwhelming applause.

United Kingdom FrancescaMichielin


The very last first individual rehearsal of the Eurovision song contest 2016 is behind it. Last of all Joe & Jake from the United Kingdom ascended the stage with their song you’re Not Alone. They stand in the middle of the predominantly blue and purple stage, with both gentlemen on the sides of a drummer on a platform. The setting is decorated with selfies that fans could send in duo following a call from the BBC. The pictures contribute to the creation of the atmosphere of the cheerful song. In earlier performances showed Joe & Jake all that they were no great vocalists, and that was also perpetuated this morning: the voices sound shrill and uncertain. It is doubtful that this problem can be resolved in a week.


(Photos and videos: EBU)