IRA Losco ventures in Malta

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During the news broadcast of the Maltese State broadcaster TVM 49 nominated candidates were announced which eventually 20 will participate in Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2016, the local Eurovision heat.

The broadcaster announced that the selection as usual in the last years on two consecutive evenings will be finished. On Friday evening January 22, you may experience the 20 selected Semifinalists with their song. Six of them die, the other fourteen punches to final, the evening after that, Saturday 23 January. A six-member jury agrees in both broadcasts and the Maltese public as ‘ seventh juror ‘, or with just a sloppy 14% voting rights in the final verdict.

153 entries were received by the broadcaster, and 49 of them were selected after a first culling. During a subsequent broadcast of the programme Xarabank are the 20 lucky ones who took office may at the end of January.

At the 49 candidates as always a lot of familiar names from previous editions of the national final. The best known is that of Ira Losco, which in 2002 picked up a second place for Malta with the song 7th Wonder. She is with two songs in the race. The full list can be found on the website of the Maltese broadcaster.

On the last song festival in Vienna the island was represented by singer Amber. With Warrior , however, they survived her semifinal .