Montenegro chooses again for the English

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Montenegro made in October already known that the band Highway will represent the country in Stockholm. The group already announced that the song will be sung in English.

Marko Pesic, one of the band members, said in the interview that Highway had a demo already sung in which all four group members a piece of singing. He claims that the song all good comments got and that the public from the first listen manages to convince. It is a modern rock song at the end of February or early March is presented in a special broadcast.

The Group sings normally not in English, but their Eurovision entry will still be in English . The last three years sent Montenegro in the Montenegrin songs each time. That triggered their success for the first time in 2014 when Sergej Ćetković was able to get the final, for the first time in six attempts. Also last year , he recorded with the Knez succeeded there in thirteenth place Montenegro’s best singles. It is 2012 since Montenegro sang in English. That was with the striking European Neuro.

More info on Highway can be found in their more candidates.