Stockholm 2016


Eurovision 2016: meet the Belgian professional jury

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LEEN Demaré, Jo Lemaire, Tom Helsen, Axel Hirsoux and Aurélie Vieira resize this year in the Belgian professional jury and parts for our country half the points.

The organization behind the song festival made known through who by country is part of the five-Member jury. Singer and President of service Tom Helsen was already juror during eurosong 2016, Axel Hirsoux our representative in 2014 and one of our expertsa celebrated singer, Jo Lemaire , Leen Demaré we hear as a radiohost at Joe FM and used especially at Donna and Aurélie Vieira is a new talent and recently had a hit with girl with a Pearl Earring. A possible candidate for 2018?

Eurovision singer Marga Bult is in the professional jury for Netherlands. Bump gets company of singer Jennie Lena, producer Holger Schewdt, singer and voice coach Ajay Mahapatra and Ruud de wild, a radiohost.

As usual diving in the jury a lot of ex-participants on or candidates who took part in the national qualifying round of their country. Thus, we see that, among other things, Bojana Stamenov, TEO, Katí Wolf, Molly Sterling, Xuso Jones, Electric Nana, Maverick, Wiktoria and Anton Ewald points may hand out.

This year, the jury points and the points of the voting public apart. In the final we know first that of the jury, than that of the public. This to the stress.