Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


1st rehearsal day: Armenia, San Marino, Russia

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The last to turn today: Armenia, San Marino and favorite Russia.



Iveta Mukuchyan put a very strong performance. The song is very good and the track is much better to live than on cd. The act also falls on: by using one conjures some projections holographic copies of the singer on the stage. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

arm San Marino


Serhat State with Pink Hat pretty static on stage. Get some dancers in the background their best disco moves out of the closet. Since there are only six people on stage are permitted filling single virtual dancers on the LED screens the scene. Clearly there is still some work to the camera angles and the lighting.



Russia has already the most ‘ dangerous ‘ act this year because singer Sergey Lazarev missed a jump during the first rehearsal and came at val. Fortunately without much mind because a few minutes later he was already ready for a second attempt. He perfects the technique used by Måns Zelmerlöw last year also in the virtual setting to ‘ climb ‘. He jumps from ice cube to ice block to Ani Lorak-wise at the end at the top of the mini stage. There are still some glitches in but if he succeeds in this after the following rehearsals will act out of them a deep impression on the public.


Photos: Andres Putting – Thomas Hanses –