Stockholm 2016 rehearsals


Poland, Latvia, Switzerland, 3rd rehearsal day: Israel

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On this third rehearsal day pass through the ten countries from the first half of the second semifinal. At first, it is a question of Justs, Michal Rykka and Szpak, Hovi Star.



Justs opens the third rehearsal day. He is all alone on the big stage, but manages no ‘ empty ‘ feeling by varying exposure in red, grey and blue and nice camera work. He wears a simple leather jacket and t-shirt, as we come to expect from him. Justs delivers a decent vocal performance, although the high note in the bridge of the song still not as good work as it should. Question is whether the first starting position will prove a blessing or curse for this rather quiet opener.

Poland Justs


Second comes the Pole Michał Szpak. The singer performs in a silver-colored jacket without sleeves and is flanked by five people on stage, all instruments. The stage setting is very dark with red and white keys, and towards the end, the words of the chorus behind the singer projected. Szpak is a very good artist who already vocal convinces, although he his voice clearly saves for the later rehearsals. This may not be so outgunned as is often claimed.

Switzerland MichalSzpak


The Canadian Rykka for Switzerland takes part. Everything can be on stage, blue is too. The stage background, her robe-the bottom piece similarities with a transparent garbage bag exhibits-and even her hair. Rykka also stands alone. The backing vocals are carefully hidden, although they are based on the first rehearsal the lion’s share of the vocal work: Rykka itself is barely hear. Last year, Switzerland last in the second semi-final, and a repeat of that result doesn’t seem too far off.

Israel Rykka


Just before the lunch break ascends to a makeup Hovi Star from Israel possessed the stage yet. He and his team have a beautiful act finished with projections of large faces on the stage floor next to Hovi and two dancers who circles in a large, luminous hoop. The dominant colour is blue again. The singer delivers an outstanding vocal performance.

Copyright photos: Thomas Hanses/EBU